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Afeku, Catherine Ablema

Constituency: Evalue Gwira
Region: Western Region
Party: NPP
Occupation/Profession: Others
Parliamentary Seat: minority

Date and Place of birth

Hon Catherine Afeku was born on June 27,1967 and hails from Axim in the Western region.


She  holds an MBA (Keller Graduate School of Management of Devy University, Atlanta, Georgia), which she obtained in 2000.


A marketer and government spokesperson for infrastructure and politician


Hon Catherine Afeku is one of the prolific female Members of Parliament in the 4th Republic Parliament. She entered the political scene under President Kufuor’s era as the Government Spokesperson for Infrastructure. She earned the admiration of the media and the general public with her appearance on the National Television and other media outlets.

Madam Catherine Afeku always talked about her passion to serve the public in an elected position but she had a lot of obstacles. She stood in a predominantly CPP zone in the Nzema area but shocked observers and analyst by becoming the first person ever to win parliamentary seat in the Nzema area on the NPP/UP/PP ticket.

She has continued to impress with her stellar performance in Parliament. She has made several meaningful contributions on the floor and serves on Committees that are typically dominated by her male colleagues. Click here for a link to contributions from Parliament by Hon. Afeku. She serves on 3 Committees in Parliament. They are the Road and Transport Committee, The Communications Committee as the Deputy Ranking Member and the Business Committee.

She obtained 11,641 votes out of the 20,179 valid votes cast = 57.7% in the last elections.



Hon. Catherine Afeku has undertaken these projects since she assumed office in Jan. 2009. The level of commitment according to her constituents is unprecedented since 1992. She is a trailblazer and the citizenry are very much in support of her vision. Below is a list of the projects that she has completed in such a short time of assuming office.

•    Adelekezo – Bridge
•    Awukyere – Daycare Center (2 Unit Classroom Block, Office and a Toilet)
•    Agona – Community Shed and a Store Room
•    Kutukrom -Four (4) Seater Toilet
•    Tebakrom – Clinic Under Construction
•    Seventy-eight (78) Students on Scholarship Scheme ( Thirty (30) at Axim Girls Senior High School and Forty (40) at other Senior High Schools)
•    Botokule – Community Well
•    Ayisakro – Daycare Center ( 2 Unit Classroom Block)
•    Kegyina – Electricity Connected to Corn Mill factory
•    Electrification to Eleven (11) Communities (Bokro, Anibil, Ewuku, Agoafu, Yediyesele, Gyediye, Arabic/Alasuna, Police Head Quarters Axim, Bamiankor and Akyinim.
•    Anagye –Four Rooms Teachers Bungalow
•    Nsein Community Steps
•    Facilitated Electrification of Police Head Quarters Community
•    Facilitated Electrification of Dadwen School and Teachers Bungalow with Meters
•    Gwira Banso – Female and Male Wards under Construction
•    Attakrom – Community Shed under Construction
•    Tolanu – Mini Bridge
•    Bankyim – Rehabilitation of Community Borehole
•    Rehabilitation of Boreholes in Six (6) Communities; Bokro, Dominase, Gwira Aiyinase, Asowa, Bamiankor and Anibil (ii)
•    Facilitated Electrification of Three (3) Communities (Akyinim, Gyediye and Arabic/Alasuna
•    4 Street Light Bulbs for Alasuna Community
•    Renewal of Nhis Cards for Various Constituents
•    Rehabilitation of Wall for Borehole – Adukrom
•    Supported Rehabilitation of Borehole in Apataim

New initiatives achieved.
These projects below are called achievements because they have never been undertaken by any person who has sworn oath to serve the people of Evalue-Gwira. The very first time Accra Hearts of Oak came to play football with Evalue Gwira United ( a team she single handedly groomed and registered to promote youth sports) in Axim, even the Paramount Chief had to sit in state to watch the historical match! This historical feat was solely under the instrumentality and sponsorship of the Hon. Member of Parliament, Action Lady Hon. Catherine Afeku
The historical match also encouraged the youth with sports aspiration to dream big. These and many more are the first of its kind achievements that this dynamic MP has undertaken since assuming office. Gender empowerment is one of her big achievements and she has put in place programs that will ensure that women are supported to achieve their ultimate, freedom of expression through education. Below are the ongoing first ever achievements chalked by Hon. Afeku since she assumed office:
•    Women’s Group (Evalue Gwira Mboa Ku)
•    Committee for Roads and Transport inspect Axim Amafukuma-Brawira-Akyinim Roads
•    Accra Hearts of  Oak Historical Match Between Evalue Gwira United F/C
•    Catherine Afeku Fan Club (Intellectual Youth Club)
•    Evalue Gwira United Football Club
•    Free Vacation Classes for JHS 1, 2 and 3 students (Annually)
•    M.P Visit Constituency Every Two (2) Weeks
•    First Ever Christmas Party for Children
•    1 Week Camp Trip At Legon For Selected Club Members
•    A 20 Computer ICT Center for all the SHS Students in Axim.
•    Annual Town Hall Meetings to Meet the Electorates in Her Constituency
These and many more projects will mark the first term of. Catherine Afeku. Her political aspirations is to empower votes to hold their elected officials accountable and she has demonstrated that by spelling out what she has done and continues to do for he good people of Evalue-Gwira who elected her wholeheartedly into the 4th Republican and the 5th Parliament in Ghana.

Other activities undertaken

There are other activities undertaken by Hon. Catherine Afeku in the constituency brings hope to the people, they are varied, like giving support to Teachers on training at various institutions, linking up job opportunities to qualified applicants, to visiting schools to read to children. Below are excerpts of activities undertaken by the Hon. Member of Parliament for Evalue-Gwira since she took office and continues to advance the cause of truly representing the people.

1.    Teachers On Courses at Holy Child/Fijai – Takoradi
2.    Students at Ipmc, UDS, UCC, Winneba and Polytechnics
3.    Drivers at Metro Mass Transit Company- Takoradi
4.    Payment of School Fees to Seventy-Eight (78) Communities
5.    Axim Girls First Ever Visit to Parliament
6.    Forty Foot Container of Flood Relief Items to Flood Communities in Axim and Gwira
7.    Paid for Mock Examinations for Jhs 3 Final Year Students (2010)
8.    Ajomoro Eshiem Newly Constructed Road-Provided Diesel
9.    Students at Esiama Nursing School
10.    Students at Korle-Bu Nursing School
11.    Nsein Senior High School First Ever Visit to Parliament
12.    Batik Training for Apaitam Women Groups
13.    Accident Victims at Axim Government Hospital on (15th May, 2010)
14.    Ghana Red Cross Society Axim Zone
15.    Church of Pentcost Axim District
16.    Non-Formal Education Division (Nzema East)
17.    Historical Rading Excursion @ Takoradi Harbor (Logos Hope ship) for Eight (8) Junior High Schools in Axim
18.    Basic Education Sports Federation (Nzema East)
All these items have been delivered and signed for by the various communities in Hon. Catherine Afeku’s constituency. Donations are dynamic depending on the needs and requests from the communities. She never relents, she does her very best to meet the needs of the constituents with the limited resources. Hon. Afeku continues to support her constituency with donations that are useful and development oriented:
1.    Three (3) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Akyinim Community
2.    Three (3) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Gyediye
3.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Axim Methodist Church
4.    Thirty Pieces of Classroom Desk – Axim Anglican Primary School
5.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Brawire Community
6.    Thirty (30) Bags of Cement – Akosonu Community
7.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Axim Apostolic Church
8.    Ten (10) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Bamiankor Community
9.    Ten (10) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Apewosika Community
10.    Thirteen (13) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Anibil Community
11.    A Set of Jersey (Red) – Axim G.E.S.
12.    A Set of Jersey (White and Red) – Axim Girls Senior High School
13.    A Set of Jersey (Green and White) and Football – Akonu Community
14.    Two (2) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Tolanu Community
15.    Five (5) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Axim Girls Senior High School
16.    Five (5) Sets of Street Light Bulbs – Beamish Community
17.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Axim Women’s Training Institute
18.    Several Donations were made to Churches (Harvest)
19.    Fifty-Five (55)boxes of Crayon, Four (4) Sets of Drawing Colors and a Calendar – Ayisakro Daycare Center
20.    Twenty (20) Packet of Roofing Sheets – Bamiankor Community
21.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Akango Community
22.    Two (2) Shovels and a Wheel Barlow – Akosunu Community
23.    Twenty – One Inch Color Television (Sanyo) – Ahomkakrom Community
24.    Ten (10) Sets of Streets Light Bulbs – Bankyim Community
25.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Kutukrom Methodist Church
26.    Five (5) Bags of Cement – Faith Power Prayer Camp- Axim
27.    Fifty-Eight (58) Pieces of Crayon, Four (4) Sets of Drawing Colors, Calendar and Two (2) Pieces of Drawing Books – Axim Methodist Nursery – York Hall
28.    Ndatiem – A Set of Public Address (Pa) Sysem (Ahuja)
29.    Ahunyame – Ten (10) Bags of Cement and Relief items to floor
30.    Adukrom – A Set of Television (Grundig 27 Inches)
31.    Ahomkakrom – Ten (10) Bags of Cement
32.    Five (5) Bags of Cement – Gwira Banso Roman Primary sch.
33.    Twenty (20) Pieces of Roofing Sheets – Abrodiem Community
34.    Ahunyame – Ten (10) Bags of Cement
35.    Twenty (20) Bags of Cement – Abrodiem Community
36.    Gwira Eshiem – a Set of Color Television (Panasonic 24 inches)
and a set of Multi TV Decoder
37.    Five (5) Bags of Cement – Axim Anglican Mission
38.    Nsein Senior High School – Fifty Pieces of Reading Books
39.    Arabic/Alasuna – Four (4) Sets of Street Light Bulbs
40.    Ghana Beautician and Hairdressers Association Axim Zone –
Twenty (20) Pieces of Plastic Chairs
41.    One Hundred (100) Pieces of Execrise Books – Vacation Classes
Students @ Axim Anglican Junior High School
42.    Semtum – 1 Packet Of Roofing Sheet for School
43.    Kegina-3 Street Light Bulbs
44.    Gwira Eshiem School Rehabilitation
45.    Construction 0f a Boat for Wiaso

Work in the Constituency

Hon. Afeku’s vision is really centred on youth empowerment, equal access to education and gender mainstreaming. She has instituted a scholarship programme in the constituency that has 30 girls in Axim Girls Senior High School and 50 others both boys and girls in various schools across the nation all in the effort to help bright and needy children within her constituency to further their education. She primarily uses her common fund and other support from well wishers to support the education project. In 2006, she launched the Philomena Yalley Education Foundation to support girl child education in the constituency to honour the memory of her late mother who was an educationist. She has also worked in the major communities within the constituency, please

Marriage and Religion

Married with three children and a Christian(Catholic)

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